Onward to 2010..

Well, 2009 was an extremley busy year for me and 2010 looks like it will be much the same, I am doing a three day teaching course in Derbyshire in June, for more details check out this link -

On to 2009!

This coming years promises to be very exciting with shows in North Devon, Cornwall and Cork, keep in touch!


Welcome to my new website! Although it is not meant to be a replacement for viewing the originals, I hope if you know my work it will be a way of keeping in touch with the latest exhibitions, and if you are new to my work, it serves as an introduction for you to seek out the real things. If you go to the Soundscapes page you can view paintings that have an audio file, check out the sounds I heard as I was painting!
Please contact me if you have any queries, or any feedback regarding the website, thank you.