This section contains examples of some of the soundscapes I have been producing alongside my paintings recently. They are intended to enhance the viewers experience of my work, and give an added feel for the landscapes I am painting in. The soundscapes are recorded in tandem with specific paintings, usually as I am working. They therefore share the same moment of creation as the paintings, and as such are intrinsically linked together. I believe they add another dimension to the paintings, and to the experience of "being there".

The examples here are shown with reproductions of the finished paintings and are edited clips in mp3 format available for download. Click on the speaker icon next to the image to play the soundscape. The full CD quality version in wav format is available on request, or comes with the purchase of any painting that has a sound file with it.

Only recent works with soundscapes are shown here. For older works please visit the Soundscape Archive. For more information about soundscapes please visit some of the soundscape links on the Links page.

30 Sep 2018
57 x 49cm
29 Nov 2017
24.5 x 27.5 cm
30 Sep 2016
34.5 x 43.0 cm
31 Jul 2016
57 x 76