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A full colour,144 page, book with over 90 reproductions of Paul’s paintings and drawings. Published to accompany his 2010 exhibition in Ireland, it also contains images of some of his favourite painting haunts such as Tresco and Bardsey. The book is divided into several sections each with an insightful introduction by the artist.

Retailing at £18 the prices shown here include p&p, please choose the correct delivery option and allow up to 14 days for the book to arrive.

Islands and Ireland

  • Islands have played a significant part in my artistic development over the past twenty years. They are enclosed, isolated places that provide me with an intensely focused and uninterrupted opportunity to pursue landscape painting. More specifically, they give me a chance to explore that most dynamic and powerful of subjects; the meeting place between land and sea, something that is key to my work. To paint successfully I need to immerse myself in a landscape and really get to know it before I feel I can start to meaningfully express something on paper or canvas. This makes islands perfect environments for my painting trips as they are finite, have a discernible boundary and therefore seem wholly knowable.

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