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Sound envelops us in the natural world and it is as much a part of the physicality of our environment as vision. The soundscapes I have captured on location here started off as an attempt to bring this extra dimension back into my studio where I often listen to the recordings whilst painting.


From this starting point my interest has developed further into using sounds of the natural environment in more musical “ambient” compositions and an exploration of modular synthesis. In February 2020 I was involved in the Mayes Creative “Following the Light” residency at Lizard Point where I explored a mobile modular sound setup on location

A soundscape CD is available for purchase here.

In 2023 through a collaboration with Gareth Edwards I produced four compositions in response to the four seasons,  these are a blending of foraged field recordings and improvisations composed with my modular synthesiser. This culminated in an exhibition in September at the Verlade gallery in Kingsbridge, Devon where my pieces were available to listen to alongside Gareth's paintings.

Modular Excursions

Experimental compositions, noise collages, and vignettes of sound, exploring modular synthesis with field recordings captured whilst out painting.

Sea Shimmer- Foghorn Fugue: 


A collaboration with Michael Swallow  for the "Following the Light" residency at Lizard Point YHA in March 2020. The piece is based on field recordings of the foghorn at Lizard Point and then sequenced with my portable modular synth. Video filmed on location by Michael from Lizard Point.

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